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 Setting up Cybergate

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PostSubject: Setting up Cybergate   Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:31 am

Hell skidforums


In this tutorial i will show you how to:
Setup your NO-IP account.
Set up CyberGate
Build your CyberGate server

Step one: Setting up your NO-IP.
1.)Go to
2.)Create your account, log in and then press Add Host.
3.)Now name your host to whatever you want. Like the picture down here.

4.) Download the NO-IP client
5.)Download the client, install it. Then open it up and put in your account name and password. After you open click "select hosts" and choose your host.

Now you are done with NO-IP

Step two: Setting up CyberGate.
1.) Download CyberGate from
2.)Now open CyberGate and click START in the control center.
3.)Click Control Center and Options and Select Listening Ports And Do like on the picture down here.

Now you are done setting up CyberGate!

Step three: Building Your CyberGate Server
1.)Click Control Center -> Builder -> Create Server. Make a user with the name you want and press ok.

2.)Mark your user and click forward.
3.)Press | Port 999 and Delete it.

4.)Click the Add button.
5.)A Box should pop up saying: Remove everything and change it with the NO-IP address host you made. So let's say you used Then change the to So it should look like this

6.)Now Change the
Identification: remote
Password: cybergate

To To This:
Identification: CyberGate
Password: 1234567890
7.) Go to the next tab "Installation"

8.) Use the same settings as i do.
9.)Now Skip the Message, Keylogger & Anti Debug tabs, since these are already set up.
10.)In the Create server tab, only do Delayed Execution and google chrome passwords Smile compress with UPX is optional and so is the icon

11.) Press Create Server and save the settings.

Your done with your server

Port forwarding
Go there and find your router and follow the instructions to open PORT 81

Hope your enjoyed the tutorial.
Please PM me if you need help
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PostSubject: Re: Setting up Cybergate   Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:35 am

Nice tutorial man
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Setting up Cybergate
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